What is Night Sky Odyssey?

Night Sky Odyssey is an innovative and exciting way to learn and explore the night sky anywhere in the world, with or without a clear view of the night sky.

  • As an experience package, Night Sky Odyssey is a turn key edutainment solution for your park, museum, resort, cruise ship or back yard.
    • Using our custom augmented reality headset, we offer the tools and content that any park interpreter, host or presenter can use to teach an audience how to find themselves in the night sky.
  • As a retail product, consumers can purchase the headset to live a guided tour of the night sky from their own backyard or anywhere in the world.
Who can host a Night Sky Odyssey experience?

Any organisation or company that operates a venue that is open to visitors such as parks, resorts, cruise ships, attractions, etc.

How does the headset work?

The Night Sky Odyssey Headset works in collaboration with the StarChart AR app included with the purchase of the experience or the retail product. Once the app is loaded, insert the phone in the headset. The app uses the phone’s GPS and compass to locate you in the world and determine where you are looking. This enables the app to display the exact constellations you are looking towards in the sky.

What is the headset made of?

The headset is made of quality cardboard, a system of mirrors, fresnel lenses, velcro size-adjustment straps and comfortable padding.

Is the app included?

With every headset, a promo-code is supplied which allows the user to download StarChart AR app and our custom Night Sky Odyssey experience.

Does my location need dark skies to run the experience?

Night Sky odyssey works in clear skies, cloudy skies or limited view of the night sky. All you need is a sky view to allow the GPS to locate you.

What languages are supported by the app?

The app is available in 18 languages and adapts to the user’s device language.