Discover the Night Sky Odyssey experience

  • World’s first night sky app developed for an AR headset
  • Developed by the world’s most popular night sky app STARCHART™
  • Available in 17 languages
  • Imagery of all 88 Constellations and their stars
  • Solar System 3D tour ( Orrery)
  • Take-home version for you to keep
  • How-to instructions for your new headset


We have partnered up with Aryzon to create comfortable headsets that you can use to transform your smartphone to an Augmented reality experience.

Not virtual, Augmented!

With Augmented Reality we are able to enhance the perception of the world around us by projecting added information directly on top of what we actually see.

Built with a special mirror system and Fresnel lenses, we can see crystal clear imagery projected over our environment.

What is Star Chart™?

Start Chart™ is the world’s leading night sky application with over 30 million downloads across all platforms . We have specially modified it to work in perfect sync with the Night Sky Odyssey Augmented Reality Experience.