The experience

As illumination increases across the Earth, light pollution diverts people’s attention away from the sky. Night Sky Odyssey explores humanity’s perception
and understanding of the night sky throughout history. Combining compelling storytelling and stunning AR technology, Night Sky Odyssey helps visitors find meaning in the dark sky to understand the impact of its influence on humanity.

The advancement of humanity is well anchored in astronomy. Astronomical events have formed the basis of such concepts as time keeping and navigation and are also at the core of the myths and legends of cultures all around the world. Concepts such as the trajectory of the Sun through the sky, the changing phases of the Moon at night, and the motions of astronomical objects have helped determine the day-night cycle, the seasons of the year, the tides, the timing of eclipses, and also the visibility of comets and meteor showers throughout the year.

Though a captivating narrative and relatable facts Night Sky Odyssey leaves audience fascinated by what lies beneath, and at the end of the interactive show, take the AR experience back home and freely share this newfound knowledge with family and friends; out in the country or the city, under cloudy or clear skies, anywhere in the world.


Using state-of-the-art technology available in mobile phones, Night Sky Odyssey’s Augmented Reality experience allows users to look skyward and discover the secrets of the night sky. Our custom headsets and application comes with two modes; one is a breathtaking VR tour of the Solar System – where the viewer “flies” right past all of the planets, exploring each one. The other is an Augmented Reality experience of all 88 Constellations. Projected right over the real stars in the sky, each constellation has a story, a meaning, and a practical use that has helped humanity evolve through time. Night Sky Odyssey takes you through those stories to bring back an often-overlooked part of nature, the dark sky.

Headset and application

We have partnered up with Aryzon to create comfortable headsets that you can use to transform your smartphone to an Augmented reality experience.

Not virtual, Augmented!

With Augmented Reality we are able to enhance the perception of the world around us by projecting added information directly on top of what we actually see.

Built with a special mirror system and Fresnel lenses, we can see crystal clear imagery projected over our environment.

What is Star Chart™?

Our software partner Start Chart™ is the world’s leading night sky application with over 30 million downloads across all platforms. The app was custom designed for our headset and perfect sync with the Night Sky Odyssey Augmented Reality Experience.

Discover the Night Sky Odyssey experience

  • Comfortable, lightweight augmented reality headset works with your smartphone* to deliver an out-of-this-world adventure.

  • Free StarChart App

  • Digital constellations fill the night sky

  • 3D solar system tour

  • Pilot a virtual spaceship

  • Available in 17 languages

  • Access anywhere on Earth — even offline

*Internet connection needed for initial app download