From the dawn of civilization, humans have gazed at the starry heavens, marveling at its sheer beauty and wonder. Ancient cultures around the world wove great legends around patterns of stars, and used their rhythmic movements for survival.

Astronomy is the oldest of all sciences, and the night sky is a magical backdrop for adventures of discovery. From new-found exotic stars to Earth-like exoplanets, the pace of breakthroughs today has reached a fever pitch. It is remarkable just how humans have been able to reach out with their minds and technology to learn about the myriad wonders of the Universe.

But while scientists have pushed the frontiers of our knowledge of the cosmos to unimaginable heights, the vast proportion of humanity today has lost touch with the starry sky. Most of us live in cities where the stars are barely visible, and as a result we have become disconnected with nature at its most fundamental level. And the pace of this disconnection is unfortunately quickening as we spend our days under artificial light domes with digital devices regulating our lives.

To be outdoors under a truly dark sky, beholding millions of stars, is a humbling and ever rarer experience.

Now however, Night Sky Odyssey offers, for the first time in history, a breathtaking meeting of technology, art, and science that creates a truly innovative way of exploring the night sky and incorporating mythical storytelling. Donning augmented reality glasses, skywatchers are transported to a new level of immersion into the stars, unlike any other planetarium show has been able to do before.

By unleashing the true power of augmented-reality, Night Sky Odyssey elegantly unlocks some of the most basic mysteries of the night sky, allowing everyone under a starry sky to be their own cosmic explorer, navigating and interacting with the heavens above in real-time.

By revealing ancient folklore, science discoveries, and our shared heritage of the night sky with Night Sky Odyssey, that ageless wonder and excitement can finally be shared once again.

Andrew Fazekas

Andrew Fazekas aka The Night Sky Guy has been sharing his passion for the wonders of the universe through all media for 30 years as an educator, author and speaker.

For a decade now Andrew has been the astronomy columnist for National Geographic global online presence and is a syndicated weekly contributor for CTV News Channel, CBC Radio, as well as the Communications Manager for the California-based, non-profit Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) which helps bring STEM education programs to school children in developing countries around the globe. Andrew has recently served as on-stage host to National Geographic Live ‘Mankind to Mars’ tour to major concert halls across the United States – a companion show to NG TV Channel’s Mars docudrama series. He is also the author of National Geographic Books Star Trek: The Official Guide to our Universe and the Backyard Guide to the Night Sky.

Over the many years Andrew has worked as editor at the Journal of Science, correspondent for Popular Science and Astronomy magazines, and even science consultant for an IMAX movie. In the world of formal education Andrew has developed educational programs for schools, authored astronomy textbooks and has been recognized with awards for outstanding and invaluable educational services with a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate and a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from United States Congress for outstanding and invaluable service to the community.

He is an active member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for 35 years, where he has given hundreds of public talks and educational workshops, and is also member of Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and the Great Lakes Planetarium Association. Observing the heavens for over three decades, Andrew has never met a clear night sky he didn’t like.